Thursday, 30 May 2013

Batik and Bluebells

I am normally not a fan of batik fabric, but last year I went to Indonesia and saw with my own eyes the amount of work that goes into creating the intricate and colourful batik fabrics and so I bought myself one metre of a leafy, purple wax-resist batik.

But what to do with a 1m by 1m piece of fabric?  I finally found a pattern that I could squeeze a summery top out of my batik, Butterick 5354.
I made the yellow version because I didn't have quite enough fabric for the longer version or the sleeves.
This pattern is meant for a knit fabric, but it worked perfectly well with this woven fabric.  I did change the side seams - I didn't curve the pattern in towards a waist, instead I drew a straight line from the bottom of the armhole to the hem line.  I also extended the hemline 2" to accommodate my current figure.

I really like it!  So my obliging Mister and I went up the hill where a bountiful bluebell display occurs for two weeks every May.  I hope you enjoy the photos he took.

So that is the final of my 3 new handmade items for the month of May!

I have since made another woven fabric version of Butterick 5354, which you can see here.


  1. so pretty! and gorgeous against those bluebells! great pics. i recently saw on holiday a lady doing fabulous batiks (not in a traditional indonesian style but absolutely gorgeous and super expensive!) and i have a hankering to have a go at it myself. y'know, in all that spare time i have!

  2. Pretty batik top and it suits you so well. Glad to know that another sewist have made a garment from Indonesian batik. I am from Indonesia and a batik lover:)

  3. I really love the mixed prints here, the top is lovely! As usual, your pictures are just gorgeous. One day I will make it to Scotland!

  4. this is amazing! You look fabulous and I really did enjoy the photos your Mr. took. You look beautiful and happy in those bluebells. g

  5. Gorgeous photos! Your top is lovely, great that it could be squeezed out of the batik, looks amazing!


  6. Such a beautiful top; it looks lovely on you. And how special to see first-hand all the work that went into creating the fabric.
    And as ever, utterly glorious photos!

  7. Nice color of batik! The picture was amazing. I do love batik and make batik!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, this is the first time that I have used batik and I really love it. It is so cool and light to wear and the colours blend so beautifully.

    2. My pleasure. Feel free to view my page at


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