Monday, 31 December 2018

Glam Clam Quilt

At the beginning of 2017 I made a very definite plan to complete the Glam Clam Quilt within the year. It is designed by Latifah Saafir. At the time I downloaded the pattern it was free, but now it is a paid for pattern, with the addition of plastic rulers to help cut out all those pieces! The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and the collection of prints is called Pretty Potent, all plants that have healing or medicinal properties.

However, I didn't buy the rulers, I did it the old-fashioned way, individually cutting out each piece by hand with scissors, one at a time.  I used and reused and reused freezer paper.  By tracing the shapes onto freezer paper I was able to cut the paper out, place it on the fat quarters, press with an iron to temporarily stick the paper to the fabric, cut out the shapes, then peel of the paper ready to be used again and again and again.

Then the pattern came with cut out labels so that you could lay them out in the order you want them and then stack them into bundles - each row from left to right.

Sewing them together was tricky but I soon got into the swing of it. This video tutorial helped to begin with.

I then had it professionally quilted by Trudi Wood.

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