Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sally Shirt Dress

Saw this pattern on Serendipity blog and wanted to give it a try!
Love the grey chevron fabric (by Riley Blake) but it isn't available yet, so I've bought the green chevron instead.
After reading so many blogs about making a trial-dress first, I cut up an old bed sheet and sewed the two fronts to the back and began doing the waist pleats. What do you think?
Because of my ample bust, I decided to do 3 pleats on each front piece, each of them one inch, which gives my bust plenty of room in the front.

That meant that the back only had 3" remaining to be tucked into some pleats, and I think it looks a bit sparse. So in my real dress, I will add some extra fabric into the back piece, so that it will flare out more around the hem and so that there is more fabric to be pulled into more pleats. 5 back pleats would look better.

Here's how I have laid it out onto the fabric - I've left the neckline the same, sitting at the fold, but have just swung the paper pattern out a little bit, away from the folded fabric.
I have no idea if this will work or not, but I've cut it now so I'm hoping that it does!

Fresh Blogger here!

Well hello there world! I have been reading so many interesting and inspiring blogs lately, that I decided to join in and have a go at it myself. 
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