Sunday, 22 March 2015

It's all over - the Little Bloggers Quilting Bee

Last April eleven other UK blog writers and I decided to make one another patchwork blocks.  I have already shared the first seven here, and today I want to share with you the final 4 blocks as well as the ones that I received in October when I was the Queen Bee.

In November we made a pair of feathers for Rosanne using this free tutorial by Anna Maria Horner.

In December we made a block called "trip around the world" using blues and purples for Gina.
In January we made a scrappy 5x5 block for Sheila who is planning on making a few Irish Chain quilts for charity.
And our final block was for the ever-patient Alison, who asked us to sign up to a newsletter that sent out free block instructions for a country style choice of blocks.  This is the one I chose to make for her:


I have enjoyed making these patchwork blocks in colours and styles that I may never have tried if left to my own choices and preferences.  I have had to purchase new fabrics and colours that I may never have been drawn towards previously and I have learnt about contrasting fabrics that will sit next to each other.  I've even mastered a new skill - foundation paper piecing!  And committing to only one block per month has been fairly easy to manage too.  But best of all, I was the recipient of eleven lovely parcels full of beautiful blocks all for me during the month of October!  Here are the lovely blocks I received:
I am planning to combine these 12 blocks with another block-swap that I am participating in, and will sew them altogether to make one big garden quilt.
So that's the end of the quilting bee swap!  If you ever get a chance to join one I would highly recommend it!
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