Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Clutch Handbag

We went to a family wedding this year and welcomed a beautiful bride into our Scottish family.  At all formal gatherings the Scots men always wear kilts, and they always look so handsome.  

But now onto bags... At the wedding I used my cream clutch from my own wedding with a tartan ribbon tied to it.  I also wore my silk tartan shoes.
out with the old...

...and in with the new.

As the bride came around to our table she commented on it and said it was just what she wanted but didn't have, an evening bag!  And so an idea for a gift was born.  I immediately wanted to make a family tartan clutch for her that she could use for any future formal events where her now-husband would be wearing his kilt.  There isn't a formal national dress for Scottish women, they often wear an evening gown of their choice and sometimes add a wee touch of tartan - but not often.
This is what you receive, two black plastic pieces and
the metal frame.

I first saw these on Benta's blog, she had made them for a set of bridesmaids, so I ordered two of these clutch purse frames, along with shoulder chains from U-handbags.  The website also has a step-by-step tutorial to help make the clutch.  I decided I wanted one for myself too - so I made my own first as a test-run, just in case I came up against any mistakes along the way.  But it was pretty straightforward, just need to keep it tidy around the edges.
The bride's favourite colour is pink, so I lined her bag with a gorgeous hot pink with metallic silver kisses on it:
This is small, but would easily fit a mobile phone, money,
keys, lipstick, tissues and mirror.

The chain comes in two lengths so I got one of each to make sure I gave her the best one, I think the shorter one is perfect, it can still be worn over the shoulder or it can tuck into the bag if you'd rather just hold it.
Somehow I accidentally ordered 2 sets of 2 instead of just 2, so now I have two more blank clutch frames that I can use sometime in the future, as either a gift or to coordinate some future evening wear!

This is number 6 on my list of things to finish by the end of 2014 - just scraped in with this one on Katy's Finish-Along!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Highland Thistle Dress

I LOVE this fabric and have finally been brave enough to cut into it and made myself a dress for the winter here in Scotland.  The fabric is a good quality knit fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner.

I was originally going to use the Colette Moneta pattern for this fabric but decided to use Butterick 5523 instead.  I have made this dress twice before (as a sleeveless and in Autumn colours) and I love how comfortable as well as neat looking this dress can be.

As the fabric makes me feel all Scottish and Highland-ery, I thought I would drive up the road to get some photos of it.  Our village is situated right where two rivers and two Glens meet, so we have lots of hills very close to us.  These photos were taken up the Glen this morning, even though it is freezing cold, the sun was shining a wee bit!
no filter here - this is exactly how it looks today!
When making this dress I added 1" to the front bodice to help make sure that the empire line stayed under my bust.  I also added 4" to the hemline.  I used my overlocker to make this dress, which was so quick and easy, but when it came to adding the skirt to the top, I forgot that I was supposed to keep the seam allowance so that I could enclose the waist elastic within it!  I had just let the overlocker cut it all off!  Oh well, I shall see how the dress goes keeping it's shape without the added elastic for now.  I used a stretch twin needle on my normal sewing machine to sew the hem on the sleeves and the skirt hem.

(the flash went off in this photo, don't know why, but it was my last one, too cold today)
The pattern is supposed to have a small tab of fabric with two buttons on the back, but I messed mine up and couldn't be bothered making another one.  It looks quite okay without it anyway.
the back is pretty plain
Whilst I was getting these snaps a full rainbow came out, so I shall leave you with my lucky shot!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pay It Forward

A wee while ago I read a post by Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches who was hosting a sewing themed Pay It Forward idea.  I was one of the three lucky readers who would receive a handmade gift in the post over the next twelve months.

My handmade parcel arrived today, and it is just perfect for me!  I've never made a bag before, but have admired these quilted boxy pouches for quite a while, never thinking that I would one day actually have one of my own!  AND it is in green, my favourite colour!

The inside is sewing themed too!

Not only will this pouch be useful for keeping my sewing bits and bobs in one place, it can fit extra goodies inside too!

Thank you so much Fiona Celtic Thistle.  I'm so glad you didn't forget, and this was certainly worth waiting for!

If you would like to participate in Craft-It-Forward, you need to have your own blog and be one of the first three people to comment on this blog post.  You will need to be sure that I can find your email address, so that I can contact you for postal details.  Then I will send you a handmade gift some time within the next 12 months!  When you receive your gift you need to be prepared to host your own Craft-It-Forward on your blog, and then send out three homemade gifts within 12 months of your hosting post.

I am looking forward to getting to know the three participants better,  and to work out a perfect little crafty gift for three of my readers!
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