Sunday, 30 November 2014

Scotland Bloggers Mini Meet Up

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet up with a small group of Sewing bloggers in Edinburgh. It is a busy time of year so only a few of us could arrange our schedules to meet up in Remnant kings for a spot of fabric shopping!
We met Hazel there, who kindly gave each of us a tote bag (great news as we now have a new law that requires you to bring in your own shopping bag, or else pay for one) Inside it had a button tin full of useful Sewing items too.

Thanks Remnant Kings!
l felt nervous on the way there but of course it was easy and fun! There is so much to chat about when you share the hobby of sewing. Upcoming projects, blog writing, fabric purchases and good websites for more fabric purchases!

Afterwards we went to a lovely cafe called Mimi's and had cake and coffee together.
From Left to right: Kerry, Helen, Franca, me!, Elaine, Amy, Hazel 

I would definitely encourage anyone who is presented with an opportunity to meet up with people who share your hobby, to go ahead and join in.  It really is a nice way to spend an afternoon!

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