Sunday, 2 June 2013


It was the final week of the Me-Made-May challenge, and despite some awful and non-Spring-like weather, I have managed to wear 3 me-made items.

Wednesday 29 I wore this to work.  I only made the blouse though.  It is Butterick 5354 meant for knit but I made it with a woven batik.  Really comfortable to wear too.

The neckline has lovely tucks, which I was too lazy to do in a a matching thread, so you can see the white  thread - I'll remember that for next time.

Also, the daffodils are nearly gone but we now have two weeks of bluebells and blossom.  I have blogged about this new make here, which features LOTS of bluebells!

Thursday 30th I wore a dress a made in about 2003.  It is a DKNY Vogue pattern 2683 (now out of print) and the fabric is a linen blend and amazingly it doesn't crease!  I love the colour, but the front split with the underneath triangle piece has exposed me to unwanted attention in the past, I think if I wear it again I will stitch that split together.

Friday 31st, last day of May and last day for this challenge.  When I got home from work I changed into my McCall's 6503 Maxi dress blogged about here.
In the flickr group there is a theme on Fridays, but this is the first time I have joined in on the theme.  Can you guess what it is?
The theme is red and mine's in my glass!

It has been an interesting challenge to document wearing my handmade clothes.  I have enjoyed this month a lot.  The biggest intrusion that the challenge has had on my month was getting all the photos taken in the mornings and then uploading and posting them onto flickr and then onto this blog in the evenings.  I am still in awe of those who did this daily and am relieved that I committed to only 3 per week.

The most rewarding thing about this challenge has been the other members of the flickr group.  So many sewing ladies were very complimentary, helpful and generous with their ideas.  I really value receiving constructive feedback from such knowledgeable women.  And there were so many garments to inspire daily!  I really enjoyed seeing figures similar to my own looking fantastic wearing patterns that I hadn't even thought of trying.

So what have I learned from all these photographs of myself?

  • I make a lot of green and blue items.
  • Despite wearing a lot of skirts I don't seem to want to make any and I am quite happy with the ones I buy.
  • I'd like to make more blouses and tops, oh and I still want to make more dresses!
  • I now know how all these blog writers create their photo montages! Picmonkey will be my new time sapper.
  • I have a very versatile shoe collection but strangely no black flats.
  • I think I will try crochet.


  1. I hear you re the daily photo taking - I'm so glad to be done with that!
    Every one of your outfits have been lovely, and, as ever, beautifully photographed. Nice interpretation of the theme there, too!

  2. I notice that you look more comfortable, confident and relaxed in the photos. I don't know if it's getting your Mr. to take them, or what. That green dress is lovely and I quite enjoyed that little montage. What I want to know is how you did on your other personal challenge. I need black flats too - to leave at work for walks at lunch when I have a destination and don't want to walk in my heels or my trainers. g

  3. I think you have done really well and it sounds like it has been very worthwhile. I would have liked to have joined in but I know that there's no way I'd have managed to find the day.
    I'll loom forward to seeing the results of your picmonkey experiments (I struggle with montages too so will be interested to hear how you get on!). Juliex

  4. Some just lovely items there! Love that green DKNY dress and the whole outfit you put together with it! And, picmonkey, you say? I will have to research that. I did not know how to create those photo montages and would really like to!


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