Monday, 27 May 2013


May is still here, and at last I am seeing some sunshine and feeling some warmth.  We even have the blossoms on our apple trees just starting to arrive.
Monday 20th I wore my Sally shirt dress to work.  The pattern is from Serendipity by Kay Whitt, I have blogged about it in the past.  I don't wear this dress very much at all.  I think it is because the waist and hip section just isn't very flattering.  Possibly the pattern spanning across my width doesn't help either.  But there is also strain on the buttons which creases easily.
So here's another photo - with Mr Bingley hiding the offending button strain.

Tuesday 22nd I spent dying out my grey roots, ironing and mucking out the hen house, so comfort was needed.  This is my version of the free download Sorbetto pattern.   I've blogged about this before, but it isn't very interesting, but I'll include the link anyway.
 Oooo Arty pose!

Thursday 23rd wore my first ever attempt at a stretch knit.  This is McCall's 6713 and it is very comfortable.  I am wearing a thermal long-sleeved t-shirt underneath still as it is still windy and cold here.
And in garden news, check out how much our hedge has come into leaf since I started these photos at the beginning of May!  And we now have blossoms on the apple trees!

This week I also wore a me-made blouse and another me-made dress, but as I have already counted those as part of this challenge, I won't repeat them in photos.
It has been fun logging and recording my handmade garments, but I am so glad not to have the pressure of photographing myself every day like some of the other members of the flickr group!  Everybody is doing so well to keep up the constant photo-calls.


  1. its a shame you don't get much wear out of your chevron dress, its so pretty! have you tried sewing in some press studs in between the buttons to reduce the strain on them?

  2. I agree with Rachel-Lou, I really like the shirt dress, it's great cheerful spring-like fabric.

  3. Nessa - I really like your Sally Shirtdress. I think it's a case of 'we are our own worst enemy'. I think it looks great on you and is (actually) quite flattering. I remember how that one is constructed, is it possible to take the waist in a bit more - only because you don't like it - or add a belt?

    Love seeing how your landscape has changed over the month. :) g

  4. I love your cat! And the chevron dress--I want to make something similar, once I'm confident enough to work with one way design fabric.

  5. Ooooh I love that sally shirt dress! Great colour and print and fabulous pattern matching too! I agree with gMarie and think it looks great on you!

  6. Your Chevron dress looks gorgeous, the fabric is amazing!

    We have apple blossom too, so pretty!


  7. I agree - I think the shirt dress looks great on you! Perfect for spring :)
    (And Mr Bingley is the best name for a cat I've ever heard!)


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