Monday, 6 May 2013


I too have visited So, Zo's blog and pledged to wear lots of my handmade clothes during the month of May, 2013.  Here is my pledge:
'I, Nessa from Nessa's Place, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear me-made garments 3 times a week and to make 3 new garments during May 2013'

As I no longer have any of my pre-2005 clothes, I think three times a week will be both achievable and a challenge for me.  I do hope scarves count?!  I shall only post about this challenge on Mondays.
Wednesday 1st I wore a waistcoat that I knitted.  The peplum is a cabled scarf really, and the rest is basic knit/pearl.  I've never blogged about this as it really was very easy and there isn't much else to say about it.


Thursday 2nd I wore this blouse, although it was cold all day so I was actually wearing a red cardigan and a Mac over it.
As part of my Me-Made-May challenge I am going to be making three new items this month, and this is my first newly made item.

It was really quick to sew up and I LOVE it!  It is Butterick 5692, I have blogged about this new make here.

Saturday 4th I am staying at home doing work on the computer, wearing this cosy cardigan I made in 2005.  I looked through my knitting patterns but can't seem to find it anywhere, sorry.  I used an arran tweed-like yarn from Jo Sharp, so possibly the pattern was a Jo Sharp one too.  I remember choosing this pattern because the cables looked easy to do and the cardi was over-sized and would be great to wear thrown over things.

On Sunday 5th the sun was shining (at last!) I wore my Mad Men dress with red cardi and red shoes.  The dress pattern is Butterick 5747 which is blogged about here.

Coincidentally today is also the day Julia Bobbin has revealed all of the lovely Mad Men inspired dresses.  If you have a spare hour, do go over and browse all that sewing talent - it is a feast for the eyes!


  1. Love all your outfits, I need to learn to knit better, your cardis are gorgeous!


  2. Beautiful outfits, all! Lovely to see your Mad Men dress in the rotation too - it looks amazing with the red cardi and shoes. And I LOVE the cardigan you knitted - I'm feeling the lack of one of those this month!

  3. You make beautiful clothing!!

  4. what great outfits. I love the cardigan and the dress! g

  5. I'm so jealous of all of your fabulous knitwear! Its just lovely.

  6. Like your tunics! It's my favourite length for many blouses!


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