Monday, 27 May 2013


It is still May and I am still endeavouring to wear three handmade garments per week and to make 3 new things by the end of the month.
Monday 13 I only work a half day so went a bit more casual.  The cardigan is the only item I made.
I can't find the pattern but it was one of those ones that had a man and a woman on the cover in matching cardigans - ahhh - my dream to wear matching jumpers with a love!
This was a long time ago, in my early 20s and I was in love.  So of course I knitted a matching blue one for my then-boyfriend, despite having heard the warning from wise knitter-types "don't knit for a boyfriend as it won't work out."  I was young and hopeful and gladly knitted him one anyway - of course it didn't work out.
But I still love this cardigan! and am happily married to a man whom I've only knitted a scarf for! eek

Has anybody every knitted for a boyfriend who ended up being a keeper I wonder?

Tuesday 14 spent the day in and out the car on errands, so a comfy cardi was called for.  I have blogged about this cardigan, a Debbie Bliss pattern and yarn, here with all the fit issues that I am still planning to resolve some day soon.

Wednesday 15th I wore my newest make to work.  It is Butterick 5523 and is blogged about here.  I wore my orange/tan shoes to go with the dress, as there is a dominant orange stripe in the print, even though it isn't terribly obvious from a distance.

So that is my 3 me-made items for this week. The only things I have left are for sunny weather, so here's hoping we get some warmth, otherwise I'll only be wearing me-made scarves for the next two weeks!


  1. Ha, yes, I've heard that you shouldn't knit sweaters for the boyfriend so I've been putting that off for awhile even though he asks at least once a week. That, and I'd rather make myself a sweater first! Love your knits - and your latest dress!

  2. I have heard of the curse of the boyfriend sweater. I have knit 2 sweaters for my husband and he wears neither of them. Two years ago, I took one of them to sewing retreat and it was stolen - I do hope someone is enjoying that lovely merino pullover!

    You look great! I'm guessing this month is paying off for you, right? I'm slowly coming along, menu planning, fruits and veg and good food. Just not lots of it. :) g

  3. Oh my goodness, that second sweater is awesome! You are inspiring me to get back into knitting- the fitting issues just scare me a bit.

  4. Your knitting is beautiful.Inspiring me to finish a sweater that has been in the works foreeeeevvver. I don't knit much (just the odd pair of socks, mittens, hats, and scarves)but did once knit a hat for a boyfriend and luckily it didn't work out! Dodged one there I did!


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