Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tumbling blocks Quilt


I have been working on this 3D cube quilt a little more lately and have posted about it previously.  It is a house-warming gift for a lover of all things blue.  
I knew it wasn't really big enough and I wanted to add more 3D cubes, but I didn't quite have enough of the medium tone blue.  So I have had to introduce a new medium tone that is similar in colour.  Because I didn't want to only have the new fabric at one end of the quilt, I have needed to unpick quite a few triangles amongst the strips so that the new fabric will be spread out amongst all the shapes.

I also wasn't sure how to treat the 3D cubes at the bottom end of the rows, whether to cut them off flush or to let them complete their shape.  I decided I want the cubes to really stand out, so I have let them complete their shapes.  I cut 2 and 1/4" strips of grey, then cut out triangles with a thirty degree angle and added them to the end of the strips. 

At last - all the strips are sewn together!

I asked my Mister for his opinion about finishing the left and right sides of the cubes, and he suggested not having sliced-through cubes, but letting the cubes finish themselves there too.  Oh no - two more strips to add!  But it does look better having no cubes cut in half.

Next step will be to add a grey border to match my 30 degree triangles and trapezoid shapes.  I am going to make it so that the total will be 60"x 60", so two borders will be slightly thicker than the other two, but overall it will become a square.  THEN to add the wadding, backing, and do the quilting!!

To see the next steps and the final quilt click here.


  1. I love that you have finished the cubes off. Very nice. I hope it's well loved. g

  2. I love that you finished the cubes off too. It looks much better and more balanced! What a fantastic job! It looks amazing!

  3. It's come together beautifully! And well done on all your extra work; it's definitely paid off.


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