Monday, 1 April 2013

At least the details are lovely

I spent a lot of time on this knitted cardigan and was really looking forward to seeing it finished.  I love the look and feel of double moss stitch and when I first saw this pattern with the lacy back panel I knew I just had to have it.  Doesn't it look cosy!  It's a Debbie Bliss design, published in her book Amalfi.

But in the end I am very unhappy with this cardigan.  Even though I knitted it a size smaller than the measurements indicated would suit me, it still came out far too big.  I have since washed it a few times in a very hot wash to try and shrink it, but it has not worked.  I used the specified yarn and everything!

This is what it looks like in the pattern book, as though it should be one of those cardigan/jacket garments that you can just throw on and wear with ease.  But it isn't.
Shoulders. It is so heavy that it always wants to drop down the front.  I am forever readjusting the shoulder seams to stay on the tops of my shoulders.
Collar.  It is always trying to sit upwards and never sits down.  I am going to try and tack this collar down, just so that I can fuss less over it.
Bust.  Despite this being far too big for me, the buttonhole section still gapes and pulls!  And for the first time ever it isn't the fault of my bust.
Sleeves.  These are just too baggy and too long.  I have to wear them folded up at the cuffs.  If only they'd been knitted downwards, I could have unraveled 10cm and cast off.  Unless this is possible? anybody?

On the plus side, I did enjoy knitting the lace panel at the back.

And I do love the wooden buttons.

And I am proud that I made it all by myself.

I hope I can salvage this and turn it into the cosy,"just-throw-it-on" cardigan that I fell in love with.


  1. I am sure it would be possible to tink back on your sleeves and bind off again at the correct length, have a look at tech knitter -

  2. It looks beautifully knitted, and I especially love the detailing in the back. It's a shame the fit is so off. Hopefully Rachel-Lou's tips works because it would be a shame to unravel something so great!

  3. It is really lovely. I can understand why all those wee things annoy you, especially after all your effort - but is does look really good and it may only be you who notices the things you aren't happy with. Juliex

  4. I love the detail at the back and the buttons are so cute! But as I don't knit, I'm afraid I can offer no assistance at all! Such a pain when something doesn't work out as you expect! :(

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous cardi. Hope you get the fitting issues sorted but it looks pretty fab without alteration!


  6. Your cardigan has some lovely details, what a shame it turned out so large, especially when you used the right yarn etc. Sizing issues I've had in the past have been due to this so I don't have any suggestions I'm afraid. You could always try asking on the Ravelry forums for any ideas to make it fit better? Lots of knowledgeable people on there.

  7. I'm not a good enough knitter to offer any suggestions on how to fix the sizing issues - I do hope you get wear out of it though, as the lace panel is just beautiful!

  8. Oh, I feel your pain! There's nothing more demoralising.... You're right though - the details ARE lovely. The lace panel, especially, is just beautifully done. I haven't actually tried this myself yet, but do you think steeking would help fix the fit?? Just a thought...

  9. Hello Nessa
    I have just had EXACTLY the same result - all that knitting and now the jacket is WAAAAAAY too big for me. I was thinking of a hot wash to shrink it, but you say that it didn't work for you...?
    So disappointing. I am going to email Debbie Bliss and see what they say about it - after all, the yarn was quite expensive, and it's obvious that the pattern needs adjusting. I even did a tension square, as I was using new needles, and that's fine, so I don't know where the extra inches have come from!
    Best wishes from Susan

    1. Oh Susan that is awful! How can two of us be wrong - it must be something in the pattern or the yarn. Give the hot wash a try though, it did shrink a little after the second time I washed it (at 90) just not enough to be satisfactory. Honestly I was so demoralised after all that work that I still haven't made any alterations to it. Do let me know how you get on if you email DB!

    2. Hello Nessa
      I might give the wash a try - it's a bit scary, washing anything so hot, isn't it!
      I have sent a detailed email to DB via their Facebook page, as their website has no contact details. I also gave them a link to this page of your blog, to show that it's not just me. And of course I'll let you know if they reply.
      Best wishes from Susan

    3. Hello Nessa
      Well, Debbie and I exchanged messages yesterday, and she seems to have gone quiet - apparently it is my fault for knitting too loosely. I have tried to copy the entire exchange here, but apparently it is too long.
      Please email me and I will pass it on, so that you can see what you think!
      Best wishes from Susan

    4. That doesn't seem right, especially as you knitted a tension square to begin with. I'd really be interested in reading the exchange, my email is nessahux at gmail dot com
      I recently read that cotton yarn knits up very heavy. So I think they designed a garment with a lot of drape that the yarn just could not hold.

    5. Hello Nessa
      An email is on its way!
      Best wishes from Sue


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