Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

We now have a day, date, time and channel in which to see this new BBC TV show!
Tuesday April 2nd, 8pm on BBC2.

I am so excited!

It only has 4 episodes, so two people are out of the show each episode, which is a shame.
There is a lovely article written in the Daily Mail about it, if you click here.  
To whet your appetite, here is a quote from the article by Patrick, one of the judges:

‘There are certain things in life that are inalienable facts: we need to eat and society dictates that we have to wear clothes every day,’ says Patrick. ‘Most people can manage some kind of cooking, but the fact that nobody knows how to make clothes is very sad.
‘Human beings naturally enjoy the process of making things. There’s a creative gene in all of us, whether it’s for baking or sewing or something else. When we’re children we make things all the time, but when we become adults we spend most of our time on a computer.

Read more:

Love Productions

And here are the contestants!

Presenters and contestants (L-R) Lauren Guthrie, Tilly Walnes, Jane Lake, Mark Sanders, Stuart Hillard, Patrick Grant, Claudia Winkleman, May Martin, Michelle Osbourne Matthiasson, Sandra Lavender, Anne Rowley

Here is a link to the contestant profiles on the BBC website.
The oldest contestant in the show is the amazing Anne Rowley, who is in her 80s!  What an amazing woman, and so kind to want to share her skills and love of stitching with all of us.  Her brother has said that the contestants have a contract that says they can't tell anything about the show at all, so I won't put any pressure on any of them to give us any tips or comments.
But what I will say is a BIG THANK YOU to them for opening up their lives and themselves.  I'm sure this will motivate more people to pick up a needle and hopefully to appreciate all the work that goes into their RTW garments.

That's my April Tuesday nights scheduled! (I DO hope it is good - the article says Claudia, the presenter was dancing about making them all feel a upbeat...urgh)

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