Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

...I'd read a few hints... but now it's in print... The rumours are true!!!  
...but maybe you already knew about this?  
(I've always been a few steps behind when it comes to anything popular)

There is a new TV show supposed to be airing this month (April 2nd) on BBC2 over here in the UK.
It is a competition program made by the creators of "The Great British Bake Off" - which was a fun and inspiring program! (albeit about baking)
Here is a link to a recent blog post about the release date and the contestants.
Here is a link to some photos I took of the contestants that are printed inside the book.
Here is a link to a radio interview with the author of the book discussing the TV show with an author of a 1950s housewife book.  (The interview starts at 14:00 and goes for 6 minutes)
Here is the link to the Radio Times magazine article about it.
A BBC source told the Radio Times: "We had such success with The Great British Bake Off that we wanted to see just how creative Britain could be. We feel that sewing could become the new national pastime."
"The series will represent a version of the already successful series The Great British Bake Off and it will be broadcast in March-April 2013."
Amazon already has the tie-in book listed
(but not available for purchase yet)
Apparantly it will go for 4 weeks, with 8 contestants, and will show different skills like embroidery, tailoring, customising, quilting, accessories, etc.  And they're even doing a WWII Make do and Mend episode!

I am a bit surprised that they feel it will be a TV show that creates the "new national pastime" when really sewing has always been a hobby of so many people for a very long time.  If any technology is responsible for a new generation of stitchers then it would definitely be social media and blogland.
But it will be so much fun to watch people with real sewing skill take part in some of these challenges.  
We previously had a different TV show on that tried to "inspire the nation." It was hosted by a very talkative and likable lady so you would think it would be fab, but she had no skills herself and was always bumbling and struggling with every new skill introduced to her.

I CAN'T WAIT to see some skillful sewing on TV ...hmmm, I also wonder if anyone that we know/read and love here in blogland will be featured in the show?  Oh I do hope so!

Reality TV though?
I hope this will be as good as the Bake Off program.  These days so many competition-style reality programs are cruel and negative.  The Bake Off show was supportive and encouraging towards the contestants and the judges always wanted to share their skills and help the viewers and contestants to learn.  Certainly sounds like the online sewing community to me!


  1. I'm curious. Claudia wilkemen is hosting and she doesn't have the skills either... Let's see lol

  2. I so nearly signed up to be on this! But I couldn't work out the format. I hope its good too. So many of us sew it is mad to call it a new pastime! I'll get off my soapbox now...

  3. I am looking forward to watching this but fear it may annoy me... :)


  4. This seems like it might be interesting, and maybe throw up some helpful tips and tricks but I must confess, Claudia Winkleman annoys the life out of me, so I may not get through the whole 4 weeks!

  5. You are all so right! I do hope it will be good! Let's all make little wishes!

    As for Claudia, I wish she'd stop pretending and bumbling along with an "I'm-just-filling-in-so-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing" attitude. Just try Claudia!
    All annoyances and trepidation aside, it will be good to have a TV show about something we all love though. Food, clothing and shelter are all necessities in life, and we already have PLENTY of shows about houses and food!
    Maybe this will spark off future sewing shows!! Think of all the re-runs! And Sunday afternoon omnibuses about sewing!!

  6. This looks interesting but I have to admit that Claudia W also puts me off. Relevance? Will give it a shot anyway and hope she's not too off putting.

  7. Bit more info for you. My sister is in the last 8, but can't tell me a thing. FYI, I'm 78 and she's older than me.
    John from the USA


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