Friday, 6 July 2012

In My Garden BOM

I have started teaching myself how to do applique by hand. I saw this lovely quilt pattern from Hatched and Patched called In My Garden and knew it was the perfect challenge for me to tackle a new skill.
Anni sends out one pattern each month, and then I use the photos to try to colour match the fabrics from my scraps collection. Her quilt design is based on her feelings about her garden, and uses personal images that reflect her garden from growing up until now. I hope she doesn't mind, but I have already decided to imitate her and have slightly altered a few of her pictures so that My quilt will reflect my love of my garden here in Scotland.

Here's my first ever attempts at needle-turn hand applique AND I LOVE IT!

This is block #1. I changed her bird design into a chicken, because I was looking forward to getting chickens at the time! I also changed the flowers in the top diamond shape into snowdrop shapes, as that was a flower in the garden at the time.
This is the starting patches for block #2. The only thing I changed here was the shape of the butterfly wings - I wanted them a bit rounder looking.

What is your prefered way to applique?

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