Sunday, 15 July 2012

In My Garden

Karen mentioned a piece of my stitching work on her blog this weekend! How exciting for me, as a newbie to blogging! Some lovely ladies ( Joanne and Abby) commented on my mysterious WIP (work in progress) and said such kind things too. It's so encouraging to get complimentary feedback.
So thought I had better help out any guessing people who might pop over to my blog page for some clues about my WIP:
The quilt is based on Annie's design from Hatched and Patched. I've changed a few of the pictures, but not many.
The individual patches have been hand appliqued and then pieced together with patchwork strips using the machine.
This square is 20" x 20".
This 20" x 20" square will be placed to the right of the first one.

This 20" x 20" square goes to the right of the above square to form the top row of my hand appliqued quilt.
This is my most recent one - can you spot where the WIP mystery photo from Karen's blog comes from?

psst! - it's a pear tree in a diamond.

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