Friday, 8 April 2016

Knitsonik Icelandic hat

I have finished another hat!  This one has been in the making basket for a while now.  My sister had planned a holiday to Iceland, a place I am keen to visit too, but so far haven't been able to go.  I asked her to bring me back 4 balls of Icelandic wool in any colours she thinks go well together.  She chose these four as they were all represented in this amazing ice landscape.  And so I have surprised her by knitting up a warm, cosy and waterproof hat in this beautiful lettlopi yarn.
I have a book by Felicity Ford called Knitsonik, it helps you to develop your own colour work pattern using your own environment as inspiration to come up with colourwork ideas that would work in knit wear.  I went through about 5 sheets of graph paper and different designs to come up with my idea, and even now that it is finished, I am eager to try another version.  There are just no wrong answers when it comes to designing your own colourwork pattern!  I didn't know which one was my best one, and even now I am keen to give it another go!
I used the lines of the ice formation behind my sister in the above photograph as my inspiration.  All jagged and triangular lines.  Here is Mr Bingley keeping a close eye on it whilst it dries on a balloon.
I would definitely change a few things for my next incarnation, but this one will suffice for an Aussie winter.  Below are pictures showing the front, side and above:

I am very relieved and quite pleased that my crown design worked out as well as it did.   I am sure she will like this, especially as I STILL haven't finished the quilt I promised to finish 3 winters ago!


  1. Very nice hat! I love your design and think that you did very well with the picture for inspiration. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing the email. Thanks and keep on blogging!!

    1. Hi again Sheila,
      Just wanted to let you know that your blog profile doesn't have an email address attached. You are registered as a "no reply commenter" and so I can't email you unfortunately.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting so encouragingly on my blog Sheila.
    It was tricky narrowing down the possible interpretations of the ice to just one design.

  3. What a fab pressie, you have a very lucky sister :)


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