Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Crofthoose Hat

We love visiting the Scottish Islands and have taken MANY photos of the small cottages dotted amongst the beautiful landscapes.  When I saw this year's free pattern promoting Shetland Wool Week I just had to knit it up!

Ella Gordon is the designer of this free pattern available from the Shetland Wool Week website.
She has suggested four different yarn colourways, but so many people are coming up with their own!  It's such an inspiring hashtag to browse #crofthoosehat  I chose to stick with mostly natural yarn colours, but added red roofs to some for a pop of colour, and to remind me of our holidays.
The intricately patterned crown above.   And below it is inside-out to show my yarn floats.

I kept two rows of the more traditional coloured cottages, as I really like the natural brown colours, and also because we once stayed in a thatched cottage for two weeks on the Island of Benbecula.
And I added in a row of red-roofed cottages, as we have taken many photos of these whilst journeying through the Hebridean Islands of Scotland.

Overall, I feel this hat is too snug and too small for my head unfortunately.  My guage is really quite off too.  The pattern calls for a guage of 26 stitches per 10cm square, and mine was 30x36 stitches.  I think I knit this too tightly.  I will be knitting this again, but on bigger needles.  I do love it and really want to be able to wear the wee crofthooses to remind me of so many happy times.


  1. Gorgeous beanie, such a shame that it's too small. Love the idea that it represents your hopping about the Scottish islands. They're all so beautiful, and the cottages always seem so cozy and inviting!

  2. What a lovely reminder of great holidays, even if you can only admire it instead of wear it Nessa!

  3. That's fab!!! It has a lot of similarities to traditional Norwegian knitwear- the v shaped stitches (ie when there is a few red stitches as it crosses the grey) are called fleas!!!!

  4. Lovely hat, and such a nice way to remember your holidays! Hope you manage to make one that fits.


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