Sunday, 26 October 2014

Another ipad cover

I recently found out that a friend of mine really likes hot air balloons, so when shopping I found a nice floaty scarf with little balloons on it = I had to buy it for her.  She was also planning a trip overseas so when I saw this balloon fabric I decided to create a little sewing gift for her as well = a travel pouch for her tablet!
*edit: on the day I gave this to her, she told me that her tablet died!  At the airport she ended up buying a new tablet, but it is a mini!  This will now be too big!  Oh well, hopefully she can use it for something else.

I have made an ipad cover before so thought I would challenge myself with some all over free-motion quilting on this one, and a different flap closure.
To create the balloon flap I used a buttonhole stitch to attach the three coloured fabric wedges to a white background fabric.  Then I stitched the basket fabric on in the same way.  Here is what it looks like opened up.

To make the main part of the tablet pouch, I put my balloon fabric on top of some wadding which was on top of some white fabric.  Then using the sewing machine like a drawing pencil, I drew around the edges of every balloon and cloud.  To get from one to the other I just swirled around randomly in between.  I cut the finished piece of quilting to half an inch longer and wider than her Tablet.

I also sandwhiched some wadding in between some teal and white fabric and stitched figure 8 swirls along a 1.5" strip for the edges of my pouch.

Sewing instructions

I then made a lining pocket by sewing two pieces of fabric together to the same size as the outer quilted pouch, leaving a 3" opening at the bottom of the pocket, and the top opening completely unstitched.  Leaving the lining piece inside out, I sat the quilted pouch inside the lining then stitched around the top opening.  Pull the quilted pouch through the 3" opening at the bottom of the lining and the lining turns out the right way.  Stitch the 3" opening closed then fold it down into the pouch.
I stitched the big balloon straight onto the back of the pouch, following the lines of the balloon.


Even though this pouch is probably of no use to my friend now, it really is the thought that counts, but my thought.  I enjoyed making it, and I like showing kindness to others.  She may never really appreciate how long this took me or the amount of thought behind it.  But kindness should not be dependent on the level of appreciation/thanks we get from the recipient of our kindness.  I made this because I wanted to make something for a friend, because I want to be kind, and that is all.

Next up, I will be making a tablet pouch for another friend who just carries hers in a flimsy case, and I know she likes plum, so .....


  1. Very cute, but sod's law on the tablet!

  2. This is ace! I'd buy the bigger tablet just so I could use my snazzy new case!

  3. That's fab! And I LOVE the balloon closure!

  4. That is such a lovely present Nessa! So thoughtful and the ballon closure is amazing!


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