Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sharing the Sorbetto

Today I am sharing a little evidence that I have benefited from the online Stitchers.  I really am Sew Grateful for all those who spend so much time and effort creating tutorials and patterns for so many of us to use.
Colette patterns provided the online world with a free pattern in May 2011, and since then it seems hundreds of people have made it!
It is the Sorbetto.  It is effective and easy and free!
So of course I made one too.

Sorry I'm not modelling it, but it is just too cold here for the Sorbetto.
Thank you Colette Patterns, for all that you do!

Here is a close-up of my extra dart for those eagle-eyed amongst you.

Post Script: After I had made the top, attached the bias binding and tried it on when I noticed that two pockets of excess fabric were poking out from the bust apex to the armhole.  So I put it on inside out and pinched these pockets and pinned them.  Then carefully taking it off I pressed it then sewed the darts down permanently - bias and all!  Not very professional really but it was a quick fix and it worked for me.


  1. Nessa - did you rotate the dart into the armhole? What a cute little sorbetto you've made. Is that you're only one? Lovely! g

    1. Yes it's the only one I've made and yes you're right - there are darts into the armholes!! You have such eagle eyes! It does the proper darts in it, but once I'd tried it on, there were big puffy pouches from the bust to the armhole, so I just nipped them in with my own darts. I'll put another photo on that shoes the close up.

  2. Love your Sorbetto, it was one of the first things I tried when I started sewing. I love playing around with the pattern, it soo simple that you can adapt it so easily. I like the changes you've made to the darts and the matching bias :)

  3. Really nicely done... I have this one printed out and was thinking it might make a good project. How did you make your own darts going to the armholes? I often have that bunch of fabric right there in my store bought clothes and am excited to figure out how to avoid it when I make them!

    1. Hi there - I've added an extra photo and a Post Script with some more detail about my Sorbetto construction. Hope it helps! Happy sewing!

  4. Thank you so much for the close-up pictures and explanation! That looks wonderful!


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