Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sew Grateful Sharing Day

Today is another day in the Sew Grateful week.  It has been a real eye-opener reading such a variety of blogs - I think my head is still spinning with stitching overload!  and there's still lots more reading to do!
Today all those participating are sharing a tutorial, a pattern or a tip to show their gratefulness for the Online sewing community.  You can find them all at Debi's Sew Grateful site.

and so here is my contribution.

Meet the Croquis Family

Download the croquis family (pdf). This file includes six figures: average woman, petite woman, plus-size woman, average man, child, and toddler.This is a great idea if you aren't sure whether a pattern will suit you or not. 
Draw the intended garment onto an outline of your body first.

[Doing this saved me time and money.  When I was thinking of sewing this coat, I printed off one of these croquis people before cutting into some expensive fabric.  After seeing my sketch I decided against this pattern for myself and passed it on to somebody whom it would definitely suit better.]
It even has a 'Plus-sized woman' as you can see in my drawing!
Butterick 5824

So today I thought I would share two things.  
First the link from Threads magazine where I found the Croquis family.  It is a downloadable PDF document and each member of the family is printed onto it's own A4 paper. 

Second is an amazing article by Florence at Flossieteacakes about croquis.  She has even got a fantastic idea about how to make your own personal croquis.  She is so inspiring - wait til you see the croquis drawing-pad she created for herself!  This is a truly worthwhile read.


  1. I keep thinking this is a great idea but I'm not sure I want to see myself flat like that. It's bad enough when I see vacation photos! g

    1. Ha Ha G!! So funny! True though, the one time I used it I was put off doing the item!

  2. Ooh! I like this idea. I actually use croquis for my own designs already, but I never thought of doing this!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

    P.S. also glad to see you are going to be participating in the Sew for Victory!

    1. Florence has some great tips doesn't she?! Thanks Brigid. The Sew for Victory looks really interesting, looking forward to seeing everyone's makes!

  3. Hmmm... will have to give this a try, but I do agree and wonder if I will be happy with anything looking at myself in this perspective :-)

  4. Download free model would suit


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