Sunday, 4 November 2012

Piecing the sky of Skye

Here is a wee peek into the progress I am making on my Skye Wallhanging.
You may remember from a previous holiday post that I bought some lovely fabrics whilst holidaying in the Autumnal Isle of Skye in Scotland.
I sketched out a design, then after a couple of sketches I re-drew it onto plastic backed Freezer paper, to use as my pattern pieces.

 Then I cut out the Freezer paper pattern pieces and ironed them onto my fabric - plastic side down. This temporarily sticks to the fabric.  I cut the fabric about 1/4 inch bigger than the paper pattern piece.
 Then I used my teeny tiny applique pins to pin the pieces onto the background fabric and then applied the pieces to the backing fabric using the needle-turned applique technique.
So this is what the sky of my Skye looks like! I think I will keep all the re-usable Freezer paper pattern pieces as I might make another one (I think the sky background fabric is a bit too dark compared to the mauve and grey colours but I don't want to start again just yet - I really can't wait to see how this evolves).
This is turning out to be a really relaxing and creative little project and it's nice to be so free and flexible with the designing element. Usually sewing clothes one has to stick to the instructions and my piecing is usually geometric and angular so this is certainly a happy diversion.

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see how that turns out!

    Thanks for much for popping over to my blog and commenting on all the recent dresses. I totally "blame" you for the woven dress pattern that became my 'birthday dress'. I love it and would never have noticed the pattern if not for your version.



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