Monday, 3 September 2012

My love affair with the Postman...

My front garden has a tall, leafy hedge which means approaching and passing-by traffic cannot be seen until they get to the window created by our driveway. It is this window onto the road that has my attention as I watch and wait for a red van to pull up, and a wave of Radio 2 to hit my ears as the postman opens his car door and walks towards our house. Our postbox is affixed to the wall near our back door and the metal hinge clanging down sends a thrill of anticipation through me.... a package or a letter or a card, just SOMETHING has been sent to me!! I wonder what it could be and practically skip to see what my Postie has delivered to me.
I again wonder at the loveliness of the postman, and all the mysterious packages he brings to happy people all over the world.  
Today he has brought me sewing patterns from America! I was reading Laura's blog about some lovely things she was admiring in the Butterick sale, so thought I would have a look too. And Laura was right, they had some very interesting patterns in their sale, and at such a reduced price I didn't mind spending all that money on postage from the USA. All up I got 7 patterns for $20 and it was $25 for postage, which for me is  a total of £28, for which I would usually only get 3 sewing patterns anyway! Definitely a bargain!
The two on the left are designed by Gertie - of whom I am a big fan, and if you haven't seen her sewing projects then please take a 20 minute coffee break and browse around her website. She is even thinking about beginning an online sew-along, which sounds like it would be encouraging to be a part of.

The 3rd one I have seen sewn by Laura MaeJulia Bobbin and Roisin and would really like to have a try at the cross over bodice, the same as Roisin's one.  

And the 4th pattern, well I am intrigued by the cut of this pattern, B5813 and hope it will suit me as much as it suits the model.
So, thank you Mr Postman, for bringing me such happy possibilities!
I'd be very interested to hear what your personal postal delivery is like and how it makes you feel...

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