Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gertie's new book

I've received this book in the mail and am so impressed with how big it is and with how many  patterns you get - ten!
Look how thick it is!
And look how bulging with goodies the pattern envelope is!

Her style of writing is really easy to read, and feels like you're chatting with a friend. The kind of friend who has taught herself new skills and is more than happy to help you out with tips and techniques that she's already struggled through herself.
The patterns would be quite a challenge for beginner sewers but I think that shouldn't put them off trying them, as it's the challenges that help us improve our skills.
The other things I love about the book are the illustrations by Sun Young Park. They're just beautiful.
Here is a peek at some of my favourites - there are many more within the book.

 Would love to know what you think of buying sewing books. Have you succumbed and bought any?

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  1. I'm a sucker for what I call my 'inspiration books' - books that have page after page of vintage clothing. I have a growing collection of those! The 'Everyday Fashions of the [insert decade] As pictured in Sears Catalogs' are a favourite.

    The Singer Sewing Reference Library books are good for how to sew tips - I think they are out of print now, though I've found some at second hand book fairs. The fashions are very 1980s, but the techniques are good.


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