Saturday, 31 March 2018

Birkin sweater

When I saw a picture of this sweater (which I shall call a jumper from now on) in the 2nd edition of Laine magazine, I knew I had to buy the magazine and make this jumper!  Those flowers!  Firstly I scrolled through the hashtag and the ravelry projects to get ideas from the colours and yarns chosen by other knitters.

Violets are my favourite flower, and as soon as I saw someone's Birkin jumper with purple flowers in the middle row I knew immediately that I had made a start on my colour choices!
I used the Knit Picks yarn called "Palette" with the main colour called "Oregon Coast Heather." I bought 3 shades of each of the other colours so that I could swatch and decide.  I ended up knitting all the way into the purple flower when I decided it was too yellow and so had to unravel it back and added in an orange flower instead of two rows of yellow flowers.  I also added another purple to give the big flowers a bit of extra depth. 

This is the only other alteration I made.  I added a row of the green leaves to each sleeve, as well as kept knitting the arm decreases until I got to a full length sleeve.

LOVE this jumper! I really enjoyed knitting it and am very happy with the end result! I wore it to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and had a few kind ladies compliment me on it.  My first ever yoked, top down jumper and I am already planning another yoked top down !


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