Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bonnie's Quilt

I feel this sewing project has been my nemesis these past few years but at last I have defeated it and completed it. May I introduce "Bonnie's Quilt."

I began thinking about this quilt in 2013 and then started working on it in 2014.  At last it is finished and gifted in 2016!

I wrote about my original plans for this quilt in March 2014 here.  That post includes her answers to my questions that provided the inspiration and direction for this quilt. It is mostly done using a fabric line called "Color Me Happy" by V&Co.

The hardest part for me was to keep the work random.  I struggled a lot with fitting blocks together and there was A LOT of unpicking involved!  I took lots of photos during the process, thinking that I would want to write a "how to" blog post, but now that it is finally finished I would rather just leave it as it is.  An entire random quilt.

AND NOW my brother has requested a quilt !!!!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt and so personal a gift for your sister I am sure she loved it.And so it begins again.....

  2. What a fabulous finish Nessa, and a great start to your quilting year :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, your sister is very lucky!

  4. Oh Nessa I love love LOVE ❤️ that quilt

  5. Oh Nessa! I love this quilt. It's fabulous. Truly. g


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