Thursday, 13 March 2014

Little Blog Quilt Bee for March

I am participating in a Quilt bee with 11 other ladies who are dotted around the United Kingdom.  This month we are all making a 12" patchwork block for Lou who blogs at I'm Studio Lou.  She requested a block called a wonky star block and gave us this link to a tutorial by Nancy at Owen's Olivia blog.  She wasn't bothered about the colours we used at all and is going to make a quilt out of the blocks she receives.
So here is my first attempt:
Once I saw this through the camera lens I noticed the top right corner of the star blends in with the background more than I'd like.  So I unpicked it and replaced that star point with a creamier print and am much happier with it now:
But of course, even though I like it, after looking around on Lou's blog I don't think it really goes with her own aesthetic/fabric choices.  She seems to prefer working with bright colours.  (That is one of the great things about making a patchwork block for somebody who has a large amount of their own creative work available to view on the internet - I can stalk for preferences!)  So I am going to quilt and bind this and keep it as a mini wall hanging beside my sewing table....eventually.  
I say "eventually" because at the moment we are doing some room renovations and my sewing/study/guest room no longer looks like the picture in my blog-header photograph, but currently looks like this:
The desk on the far right is usually my sewing table,
currently covered in books, so won't be getting much done over the next few weeks
Now back to Lou's wonky star... here is the one I went on to make and have now sent it off to Lou:

Much brighter and cheerier!  She said she really liked it too, which is always satisfying and gives a sense of relief.  I used fabrics I had received in a free fat quarter bundle from Avery Homestore as well as a few pieces that I had bought in a selection pack of greens and blues from her shop too.

If you'd like to have a look at the other wonky stars we're all making, please feel free to visit our flickr page.  IG tag is #LBQB and our linky button is in my sidebar.


  1. Huh, the cheek of the moving party using your room for storage ;o)

  2. Yes, i do love it! Thanks Nessa. Can't wait to have them all pieced together. I love the idea of making your first block into a mini, to remind you of your first block for the Bee!

    1. Really pleased you love it Lou! It must be quite a thrill getting so many surprise packages arriving throughout the month!

  3. They are great! I love the happy sewing fussy cut.

  4. Lovely fabrics in both stars! Sewing rooms bring used for storage should be the same as sewing scissors used for paper / food / toenails ...

  5. It's just lovely! It's such a great idea - it must be a really satisfying feeling collaborating like this. ANd what a thrill to see all the quilts coming together! I hope you get your sewing room back soon...

    1. Thanks so much Danielle. It is such a nice idea to make a small block for someone else that contributes to something creative.
      My room still looks like that, but at least I am getting some long-awaited hand sewing done.

  6. Love both squares! What a cool idea having a quilting bee! And don't you hate renovations when they mess with your sewing space?!

  7. Ooo lovely blocks! I used to quilt once apon a time....

    1. Thanks Margo - good to see you back to blogging this month too. x


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