Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mellow Yellow in the Sunshine

I have made another version of Butterick 5354, in honour of the sunshine that Scotland has finally been blessed with.
Blue skies and warmth on our skin during Summer (that lasts for more than three consecutive days) has been unheard of here for five years, according to my own recollection.

I used a cotton/rayon blend that I found in a remnants bin for $10 whilst on holiday in Australia last year.  It has a substantial feel to it and a subtle shine which gives it a luxurious look and feel.
For this version I decided to add the little capped sleeves, gives it a slightly less casual look. 

I have worn this with jeans to play ten-pin bowling and a meal out with "the girls" and not one person asked if I'd made it myself.  Usually they're onto it straight away.  Perhaps the pleating detail, along with the rich nature of the fabric made it look a bit more mainstream.  But in a way I was glad not to have to say "Yes, I made it myself" for a change, and just get to wear it.  Another benefit was that my colleagues weren't compelled to have to give my clothes compliments, which is what usually happens once they find out I've made something that they've admired.  I do love to have my handmade clothes complimented but sometimes it is nice just to be able to enjoy wearing them without chatting about them.
The back is fairly plain really, but I decided to include this photo for two reasons.
One is that I have put on a lot of weight during the months of June and July, and hopefully acknowledging my overindulgence and stagnation will motivate me to be more careful and active in the coming months.
The second reason is that many, many times I read a lovely blog about a dress and they never show you the back.  There are some blogs that I read regularly and really enjoy, but despite sharing nearly 10 photos of themselves in their new dress, with a close up on a side seam, a collar, a waistband or a hem, not one of the photos shows the back of the dress.  And these women have fabulously svelte figures and create stunning dresses that really suit their curves.  And so I have decided to show the backs of more of my makes - even though this one is a plain style and my curves currently are not as I'd like them to be.

My resolve: posterior - for posterity

From now on I shall endeavour to reveal the back view.  How about you?


  1. What I want to see is the insides! I'm very curious about the way people finish seams and what not - I think this comes from not having a clue about these things when I first started sewing.

    Love the top - beautiful fabric and it looks great on you

  2. Your top looks great, perfect for this glorious weather!

    It is good to see the back of things, I must try and get photos of back views of things more often!


  3. Love the cheery print Nessa! I hardly ever think to get pics of the back unless it has an unusual detail...hmmm. Something to ponder.

  4. This is a gorgeous, sunny, summery top, that could easily pass for Boden. No wonder your friends didn't spot it was "home made". I too am reluctant to talk about my makes with non-sewing friends. It makes me uncomfortable as I feel like I'm seeking compliments when I do, so I tend not to always mention it unless asked. Depends on who I'm with and my mood.

    And I like back pictures, front and side pictures, inside pictures and pictures of the garment flat. The more different views the better IMO to get a real feel for what the garment is like. I also like to see a variety of backdrops, but then that's just because I am nosey!!! :)

  5. Nice make Nessa! Lovely fabric, I like the addition of the sleeves. I hate having pictures of my backside done, my hubby usually makes cracks about needing the wide angle lens to get them. That being said - the backside of your blouse looks nice. g

  6. Beautiful, summery top! I love yellow for warm weather (just not near my face, sadly - lucky you!)
    You're right about the back views - I rarely remember to photograph that. Must make an effort to in the future. Thanks for the reminder :) "Posterior for posterity" - very nice!

  7. lovely! i like to see the insides too. and i normally take a back view picture buut don't always post it as it's never the most interesting/ flattering angle! but i will in future! on me the back view often ends up being a big hair shot!

  8. Hi Nessa I love your sunny yellow top! Perfect for the weather just now! I especially like the neckline of your top and your lovely swishy back view! :-) x

  9. Very cute! I love the fabric!


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